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Tapping the collective intelligence: Word 2003 command poll (24 Apr 2006)
The top 10 commands represented 70 percent of all scores given. The bottom 70 commands represented 1 percent of scores given. I have done this exercise on many continents for intranets and public websites. I have never found a situation yet where the top 20 percent of words do not get the majority of the scores, and where the bottom 20 percent get little or no scores.

I have tested this technique in many situations and I have found that it quickly identifies core patterns of customer thinking. (I call the technique Customer Carewords.) What it also does is begin to move the content debate away from opinion. (Everyone has an opinion on content, it seems.) It connects some hard statistics to the words. You can show with numbers that a particular word or phrase is popular and has an impact, while another word or phrase has little or no impact.
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