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Germans take their seats in the Mercedes of public toilets (05 May 2006)
It has soft lights, gleaming red and blue surfaces and a soothing video projection on the wall showing swirling underwater bubbles. Welcome not to an art hotel but to Europe's most expensive public toilet.
The super-loo, which opened yesterday in Berlin, is the last word in chic public architecture and comes with a disabled lift, a unisex baby changing area and 24-hour reception. Entrance is 50 cents.

There are five loos for men and five for women. There is air-conditioning, chill-out music and even golf flags on the urinals to help male customers aim better.

"This is the Mercedes of public conveniences," Hans Wall, the German businessman who built the loo, told the Guardian. "I'm very pleased with it. It's been done with love, intelligence and the best of German design."
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