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Jakob's PR Podcast (04 Apr 2006)
And even though blogs have given rise to a veritable revolution in personal publishing, Nielsen also explains why the press release is here to stay. "One thing we've found in our user studies, and we've done studies not just with journalists, as I mentioned, but also with financial analysts, and certainly many many studies just with customers, and we know that they actually want to know the company's perspective. Where does the company think its going?" says Nielsen. "The company's own angle is something that people are looking for, whether it's journalists, whether it's investors, or whether it's customers they all want this information, and the pressroom is where to go and get it."

The podcast, which is available for immediate download, runs about 25 minutes, and also includes a discussion of how search engine optimization colors perception, accommodating a global audience through Internet pressrooms, how best to integrate your pressroom into your website, and more.
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