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Websites reflect true face of an organization (13 Mar 2006)
Staff in a particular section get to know and be comfortable with a particular structure. It becomes easy for them. For them to create a structure that is customer-focused requires a lot of work and effort. It's like this: making life simple for the customer usually means making life more complex for the producer.

What's new, you're probably thinking? For centuries, organizations (particularly governments) have forced customers to adapt to often excruciating bureaucracies. What is new is that the Web changes the game.

The Web creates a direct link between the organization and the customer. The best organizations are learning about the huge benefits this direct link has. If they strip away unnecessary bureaucracy, confusing jargon, and time-wasting processes, they establish a major competitive advantage.

And how do they do that? By putting the customer at the very center of the structure-of everything they think and do-not at the edge, as has been traditionally the case.
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