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Search engine optimization basics, Part 2: SEO keyword and infrastructure strategies (07 Mar 2006)
The key to ranking well in Google is optimizing the visible keywords on a page. As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, some webmasters back in the early days of SEO thought that stuffing all available areas full of keywords was the way to rank highly in the search engines. However, these early black hat SEO techniques weren't completely successful because the keywords often didn't match the actual content on the page and mislead both search engines and users. However, those early black hat SEO techniques were almost on the right path because keyword optimization is important in helping your site rank well in search engine queries.

In this installment, you'll learn the white hat SEO top-left-down method of keyword optimization that helps you choose and optimize the right keywords for your site. And you'll get information on other white hat SEO strategies, and learn how to address infrastructure concerns to improve your site's attractiveness to search engines.
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