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Taking Software Requirements Creation from Folklore to Analysis (15 Feb 2006)
Large software systems are too often late, costly and unreliable. Too often the requirements are not well understood or wrong. Understanding and bounding the requirements in a specification is an essential step to solving this problem. As early as 1970 Royce pointed at that unvalidated requirements leads to unmanageable projects. In particular, requirements complexity drives effort required to build software intensive systems, the time it takes to build them and their inherent reliability. Complexity management is critical and by enhancing existing simulation environments used by system engineers to formulate alternative system designs, software engineers can understand the sensitivity of requirements complexity to the likelihood of producing a workable system. Model-Driven Software Realization is a current practice for achieving this understanding. Combining functional and performance simulations with sizing and effort estimation efforts leads to a holistic understanding of feature, form, cost, schedule and trustworthiness.
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