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Intranet managers must be managers (01 Feb 2006)
An intranet 'team' of one is not enough, unless the organisation (or intranet) is very small. In the earlier article Roles needed in an intranet team, a very wide range of skills and responsibilities were identified for a successful team.

The article Intranet teams: survey results and key findings also highlighted that the average size of intranet teams is three, with the team size growing to match the size of the organisation and the intranet.

In practice, this means that an intranet team will need to consist of an overall 'manager' (or 'coordinator'), along with several staff to do the actual day-to-day work on the site.

Even then, the intranet team will have to collaborate very closely with other areas of the organisation to ensure that necessary skills can be obtained when needed.
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