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Revolutionising vendor and integration partner engagement (08 Sep 2005)
With clear evidence that between 50 and 80% of all IT projects fail to deliver, our approach to IT development is a clear way forward. It is particularly useful in fixed price contracts to hold the vendors and integration partners accountable to deliver systems that work, the right way, first time.

Yet, despite the annual investment by business in ERP and CRM systems of close to $US100B, Excel spreadsheets continue to be the corporate chewing gum of choice. Take the time to look around to see how many people record, perform potentially buggy calculations and rely on spreadsheets or Access databases. Chances are they find the core IT systems are just too hard to use, make processes many times longer, or do not do what people want.

The integration partner rarely gets blamed for the problems, as they pass blame to the base application and its constraints. Itís the application vendorís logo that appears on the application start up screen, so itís only natural for the client organisation to view this as truth.
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