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Debunking the myths of IT development (09 Nov 2005)
Itís commonly accepted that software never works properly the first time, and that iteration and multiple versions is the only way to get it right.Rarely does the underlying logic that needs iteration, itís the user interface. The main issue is the endless rounds of iteration that take place during the user interface design step when management and users are shown the application and IT needs to go back and Ďfix ití so people can use it.

This happens because the user interface is designed much too late in the development lifecycle and people canít visualise the application from text specification, or early prototypes that keep changing. Itís only when people can see a prototype that they can find missing requirements or problems with the user interface.

What should happen is that the user interface is designed at the same time as the business and use requirements are gathered, creating a visual representation. This can be tested with users to confirm that the design is usable and meets requirements. With the right design methodology, the prototype does not need to keep changing.
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