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Preparing for Web 2.0: A Software Design Reading List (20 Jan 2006)
The notion of Web 2.0 has turned people's heads: they are paying attention, and are hungry for information in a way they have not been about the web in a long time. And one of the notable results of this is a fast focus on the underlying technologies more than the design implications and business opportunities that Web 2.0 promises. That is unfortunate, because the technologies themselves are subject to rapid change and decay, whereas issues of design and business remain prescient even as the technology paradigms change. Yet, even when the conversation is about design or business, the conversation seems to focus on invention and the exploration of new frontiers. People see the current challenges and opportunities as new. But they're not: they've just been forgotten over the last 10 years, ironically enough, as a result of the rise of the web.
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