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How to Pick Up Women: LimeLife's Kristin McDonnell on Female Gamers (20 Jan 2006)
"I think PC software on CDs around that time was difficult in general," said McDonnell. "I think that the distribution channel was typically a channel that females were not visiting, and so it wasn't something that a lot of girls thought of doing, and neither rwere moms. And I think that and this is just kind of my recollection of the timing it was before a lot of the educational software that was pretty successful. So if you think of things that our co-founders were in Barbie, Dora and those were extremely successful at retail because the market had matured to that point, and women's relationship with the PC had evolved to where buying CD-ROM wasn't foreign to them."

"Also, [Purple Moon] tried to create their own character rather than taking one that females knew from another medium, so it was just kind of a double whammy of getting people to go to a retail channel they're not used to for media they're not used to for a brand they're not used to. I think we're overcoming these hurdles, in that 60 million women have phones capable of downloading and playing applications. We are educating them on how to download stuff, so we know the market is still small, but that's kind of the hurdle we face is educating them. And we are working with play patterns and brands familiar to women."
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