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Galaxy of Knowledge: Art & Design (24 Jan 2006)
"Galaxy of Knowledge," is Smithsonian Institution Libraries' portal to its collections and to a wide array of exceptional Internet resources. The site brings together the web-accessible content created by Smithsonian Libraries into a carefully structured format that allows users to fully explore and use the Smithsonian Institution Libraries online offerings.

The Galaxy of Knowledge creates a virtual bookshelf of digital editions cover-to-cover, high-resolution digital replications of selected Smithsonian Libraries' holdings, and brings together additional online projects such as online exhibitions, and research materials such as bibliographies and research guides. The wide variety of materials encourages the visitor to use the "Galaxy" for a variety of purposes, from education to entertainment.

"As a steward of a distinguished national collection, the Smithsonian Libraries continually seeks to enhance its outreach," Libraries' Director, Nancy E. Gwinn notes. "The 'Galaxy' is part of this ongoing commitment to making our books and manuscripts accessible to the widest audience possible."
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