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We all want to take the easy option (12 Jan 2006)
After suffering user fatigue from early experience of mobile applications, it is great to see things changing so fast. We are experiencing an explosion of (mainly) free sites to which you can easily upload photos from your digital camera, phone or hard disk. Skype is setting one up with Kodak while Nokia's Lifeblog - for some phones with Symbian software - lets users keep their life history in photos, audio and video files on a hard disk. They can send photos from a mobile to signed-up weblogs (eg Typepad) with few clicks. It worked easily - though not as well as Shozu, which sends a photo from a mobile to a website such as Fickr in a single click. It can't get easier than that. As a result, I have been turned from a Flickr sceptic into an addict, as it can be used not just as a public way of exchanging snaps around the world but a pictorial diary of your life or holidays.

This improved usability comes when I have stopped using word processors for routine writing, as Google's free Gmail (invitation needed from an existing member) meets my needs. I have also watched TV and read books (with ICUE) on my mobile.
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