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Reassuring Users with Inukshuk Content (14 Dec 2005)
At User Interface Engineering, we use the term "inukshuk" to describe the type of content found in the UNI profiles. It's the name of stone figures created by Inuit hunters as guide markers. The hunters arranged the piles of stones in the likeness of human beings, signifying to other hunters that someone already has passed through and experienced their same journey. An inukshuk provided reassurance and empathy to others and alleviated an Inuit's fear that they were off the track.

In our research, we've seen that, just like the Inuit hunters, users on the web want reassurance that others have shared their experiences. Many times, users are contemplating important decisions. To understand if they are making the right decision, they often want to go beyond facts. They want to know if it "feels" right.
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