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A Significant Change (03 Dec 2005)
It is with more than a little excitement that I want to announce that as of Dec. 5, I will be assuming the position of Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research. For someone with my background, this is a great opportunity, as well as a healthy challenge. The opportunity is to be in the best position imaginable to leverage 30+ years of accumulated work. As someone who has always been driven by making a positive difference in how people experience technology, what more could I ask for? It is also an opportunity to work with some of the best researchers in the world, both inside and outside of Microsoft, to continue making a difference.

The challenge is obviously one of transforming this potential into a reality.

In my new position, I will continue to work on the same types of problems, and bring the same mind-set to them, as I have always done. That is what I was hired to do. The difference is that I now get to do so as part of a pretty amazing team, rather than alone, or as a free-lance designer/researcher/consultant.

I will continue to live in Canada, but will be spending at least a week of each month at MSR in Redmond. As well, I will be spending about 3-4 months of each year working on projects at one of the MSR labs around the world (Redmond, Beijing, Bangalore or Cambridge England). Starting early January 2006, I will take up a 4 month residency at the Cambridge lab.

This is something that my wife and I have thought about and discussed for over a year. We looked at several other options and came to the clear conclusion that this is by far what we most wanted to do. I'm excited by it, and look forward to seeing where this new adventure takes us.
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