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Location-Based Services Fundamentals and Operation - A Book Review by Keith Willett (19 Nov 2005)
Of particular interest to the reviewer (that's me) is indoor positioning, specifically RFID. On the positive side, Mr. Küpper takes a step down from global and national infrastructures to provide an overview of building infrastructures; unfortunately, the details are at a very high level and a bit cursory. The good part is the LBS initiate will have awareness of building and campus LBS applications. While not covered in the text, of particular interest to the reviewer are LBS applications with respect to identity and privilege management. Consider an extremely large potential LBS application, e.g. the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) US-VISIT program with a charter to track border crossings and manage visitor presence in the US. The ability to provide global identity and privilege management (e.g. pre-boarding identification on US-bound plane), border crossing (e.g. indoor LBS), and stay management (e.g. national cellular system and GPS) touches on all infrastructures the text presents; that is, should the actual US-VISIT solution avail itself of RFID and other LBS technologies.
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 Location-based Services : Fundamentals and Operation by Axel Küpper
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