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The Web 2.0 Experience Continuum (14 Nov 2005)
If youre reading this around when it was written, in November 2005, youre likely an early adopter. (Ive been doing user research lately, talking to Internet users around the country, and many of them have never heard of blogs.) The changes Im talking about will happen gradually over the next ten years, but they will happen.

So what will the next ten years feel like? Disorienting at first, but normal eventually. It will take time for users to acclimate to the semi-structured experiences available on the Web, and even longer to accept the unstructured experiences. Well shed some of the metaphors sites, bookmarks, pages, and so on that weve used to orient ourselves on the Web, in the same way that cars stopped having running boards and television has stopped broadcasting stage plays.

In the not too distant future, well subscribe to a service without an address. That service will update a widget that finds other widgets, which make widgets for locating obscure jazz recordings. Were not there yet, but its only a matter of time. Our little Web is growing up.
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