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Tony Byrne (31 Oct 2005)
People rarely ask me the really obvious question about content management systems: 'Should I really do this?' Meaning, 'Should I really implement a CMS?'

We need new covenants between enterprises and individuals (or departments) over who is responsible for what, and what the relative freedom of employees should be when it comes to content. Very often, this debate comes in the discussion of the relative merits of different software packages rather than being addressed head-on.
Maybe by the time they find me they’ve already justified a CMS project to themselves and their boss. But the more I talk to companies, the more I feel that their real business problems concern content—their content sucks, or there’s too much of it, or too little or whatever. You can get people to acknowledge that, but in the back of their minds they keep some hope that a CMS will fix their content deficiency, or at least help fix it. Certainly, some corporate cultures require a major technology project just to justify shaking things up.
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