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Rick Rashid at Etech 2005 (15 Mar 2005)
While many would expect that Microsoft Research focuses solely on computer technology and software design, the research arm of Microsoft also works in other areas of technology. In this short talk from 2005's O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, Senior Vice President Rick Rashid discusses some of their work in other areas.

Among the topics of discussion are technologies that would allow users to capture literally everything that happens to them, not just visually, but with other associated meta-data. Another interesting area of research is technology that can make almost any physical object into a computer interface and can create digital representations of objects that users can manipulate in the digital environment.

Microsoft is also working with other organizations to apply these technologies to uses such as support for memory loss patients. In cross-disciplinary work with the biological sciences, Microsoft is using computer science technologies to work towards vaccines for HIV.
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