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The end of WYSIWYG? (14 Oct 2005)
In his article Nielsen states that the influence of these changes will be significant throughout the UI world. I tend to agree with this, although not because WYSIWYG is dead or no longer useful. For the most part, other applications copy what Office does regardless of what makes sense. Iíve seen a dozen copies of the Outlook UI for a wide variety of applications, and people continue to wow over Outlook-like UIís daily. Similarly, OpenOffice, StarOffice and others seem to be using MS Office to drive specifications.

Luckily for the world, the changes in Office 12 UI are for the most part extremely solid, and they make sense for large complex feature-rich applications. I expect that other companies that offer complex client apps will benefit from imitating these design ideas. Even those without complex apps can get some mileage from some of the work around context menus and previewing.
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