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What WarioWare can teach us about Game Design (20 Oct 2005)
Every medium has its short form. We have examples of short films, music, and written stories. WarioWare demonstrates the ultra-short form of video games: the five second micro game. What happens when the size conventions of video games are pushed to their limit?

Wario Ware's micro games are carefully bounded in several dimensions. First, the space in which these games are played is tiny. Most of them occupy a non-scrolling space the size of a Game Boy Advance screen. Second, the time allotted for each micro game is short. Third, the goal you have to accomplish is incredibly simple: collect these coins, walk to that goal, or push the A button at the right moment. Lastly, the input mechanisms are simple. There are no triple jumps or back flips to master. Most games use only the A button for player input, and many others use only the left and right directional buttons.
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