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Development and Assessment of a Public Discovery and Delivery Interface for a Fedora Repository (19 Oct 2005)
Great care was needed to be certain that the desired functionality for the search and delivery in the public interface were matched to behaviors in the underlying content models and that the correct number and types of media files and metadata datastreams were present to support those behaviors. It was not until those details were in place that the task of actually coding disseminators could begin creating behavior objects, ingesting content objects, generating search indexes, and integrating all of the above with the look-and-feel for the public interface.

The development process had to be accompanied by multiple types of assessment involving many categories of users. While there was some feedback in common changing the type of results returned for image search results or wanting to limit advanced searches to sub-collections each new assessment provided additional data that helped us better define the functionality desired by our users. The assessment was vital for our implementation. While this implementation is under way, a process is also underway to design a new information architecture for the Library's overall web presence, and determine how to technically and visually integrate all the currently disparate tools and pages that provide access to the collections and services supporting use of the collections, regardless of format. The overarching goal is the development of an integrated interface that provides access to and delivery of content from the Library's distributed resources. The assessment used in this process will prove vital in modeling assessment strategies for the Library's larger undertaking.
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