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The CREE Project : Investigating User Requirements for Searching within Institutional Environments (19 Oct 2005)
There was clear acknowledgement across the focus groups of the superiority of Google as a first port of call for searching, though one participant did question whether this was just because he assumed it was better than other search tools, because of reputation and his previous use of Google, rather than by his regularly assessing Google to see if it was indeed superior. Notwithstanding their initial approach to searching using Google, participants were, on the whole, very aware of other resources available to them, and they did use these other resources according to need. However, most tended to stick to the resources they already knew and were reluctant to spend time investigating and trying out new resources and search tools unless it was clear how they would benefit from using them. Human recommendation (via friends, colleagues, library sessions, etc.) was much valued as a prompt towards learning about a new search tool.
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