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Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks (10 Oct 2005)
Hewlett-Packard has taken findability a step further by defining a 'Findability Group' that includes an interdisciplinary team responsible for user interface design, information architecture, and search, thereby creating a vital bridge across vertical silos. Perhaps we will see more findability engineers and findability teams in the coming years.

Of course, companies that create a 'Department of Findability' will run the risk of building yet another vertical silo when they should be using findability to get horizontal. What we really need is more informed, findability-aware participants in the existing roles within design, engineering, and marketing. Now, that would be a big step forward.

As HP co-founder David Packard famously remarked, 'Marketing is far too important to be left only to the marketing department.' In my opinion, so is findability. But we race ahead of reality. For now, findability is in the hands of daring individuals with a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving. For now, findability is just an elegant hack.
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