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A word in your ear (13 Oct 2005)
What is podcasting?

A podcast is essentially a downloadable radio show. The name combines "broadcast" and "iPod", although they are generally compatible with any brand of personal on-demand digital music player, not just the iPod.

How do I create podcasts?

In the past, creating audio material would have needed a professional studio. Now you can do the basics with little more than a computer, a microphone and a piece of software. After recording your podcast, you then need to find somewhere on the web to keep it.

How do I listen to podcasts?

Some podcasters make shows available directly from their websites. You can find others by using tools such as Apple's iTunes, Odeo or Yahoo. Downloading from these is simple, as is "subscribing" to your favourites. This means that each time you dock your MP3 player, it will update the latest episodes.
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