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Online Gambling (03 Oct 2005)
To most of us, online gambling means email spam and other annoyances. But to Peter Marcus and his customers it's a $6 billion/year legitimate business that represents more than 5% of the total gambling market worldwide. You may be surprised at the legitimacy of this operation. (Did you imagine that they might be audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers?)

Peter and host Larry Magid discuss the legality, safety and morality of online gambling. Why can you use some credit cards and not others? Is it legal in the U.S.? And might online poker actually be safer than day trading?

Peter claims the online gaming industry is socially responsible and explains how his company tries to keep gamblers from playing beyond their means. Larry tells the story of a teenage friend who's paying his way through college on a six-figures online-poker income.

If poker is your thing, you'll learn how to find a safe online casino. If not, you'll gain a new understanding of why and how so many people are now playing poker in their pajamas.
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