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Lifestyle Brands in the Digital World (07 Oct 2005)
A good friend of mine has spent time in Japan, doing exploratory ethnographic research. Her stories about the behavior and lifestyle of people there is a revelation. Walking down the street, most everyone is armed with a mobile device, held close to their face, ostensibly SMS'ing (Short Message Service) with other people. But this remarkable cultural behavior only begins there. A great example of how companies are leveraging this is in high-end boutique fashion. Stores will stock only a small number of super premium priced - even one-of-a-kind - fashions. These releases will be announced or made available only via the mobile web, and a veritable feeding frenzy will commence: the many people who are passionate about this store or that designer or this activity will attempt to virtually "buy" these exclusive releases. And this can be a daily occurrence!
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