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The User Advocate: One Size Fits None?. (07 Oct 2005)
IA evolved in a similar fashion. In the beginning, we wore many hats: usability engineers, user researchers, information organizers and interaction designers. But the Web's growing complexity soon led to the emergence of IA domains. We now see metadata specialists, taxonomists, "UXperts" and prototype professionals emerging-each accompanied by an ever-increasing wealth of tools, research and literature. Rosenfeld and Morville provide a preview of the future with their IA "dream team" in Polar Bear II.

So when I see IA job requirements that ask for the moon, I remember the old proverb: "Jack of all trades, master of none." I wonder how such expectations-and our own complicity with them-harm our craft and discipline.

It seems to me that seeking someone with (or representing oneself as possessing) mastery in user research, IxD, visual design and programming is asking for a tree that grows both apples and oranges.
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