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Blog Design (08 Oct 2005)
Blogs are all about getting your message heard, and that generally means focussing on your writing. But most internet readers are "skimmers" which means that the design of your blog can be a key component to generating and maintaining a readership. Whether you are a CSS and Photoshop guru or are brand new to the world of web design, you can create a unique and useful design for your blog.

Bloggers Lynda Keeler and Gina Highes share their stories from designing and redesigning their blogs. They discuss logos, branding and how to get great images inexpensively, and share simple tips that will make sure your blog is accessible and easy to read. When readers can easily find information they want, they are more likely to return to your site.

The other participants in this session offer examples from their own experience of design pitfalls and successes. Whether you want to do it all yourself, or need tips on how to hire a designer, this session offers information for bloggers wanting to revitalize the look of their sites.
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