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A Ubiquity Interview with Thomas H. Davenport (19 Aug 2005)
We move people from closed offices to open offices, or we move them into shared-office "hoteling" environments, or we tell them to work at home instead of coming into the office; in fact, we typically change multiple things at once, and we give them a new manager and new computer stuff and change the office kind of all at the same time. So we have not a clue about what's effective and what's not. A good example of creative workplace design is a place like IDEO, which basically offers free choice about what you want your workspace to look like. You're given your little area and if you want to bring in an airplane wing because you think it's got a really inspiring design and will help you be a better product designer, that's just fine with IDEO, as long as you can find a way to fix it to the ceiling so it won't fall on anybody. It uses a "mass-personalized" solution, which combines a group work setting low on segmentation (all employees share the same standard group work setting), but high on individual choice (employees are encouraged to bring in their own creative accoutrements to supplement the group solution).
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