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Build quick, slick Web sites - Design fast-loading, responsive Web pages with XHTML (20 Sep 2005)
For the past two years, the industry has inundated you with messages that you've reached a new plateau in high-speed connectivity. Around 25 percent of the world's computer users now have at least a cable modem or DSL connection; of course, this implies that speed is no longer an issue. And, as such, throwing huge images or Flash movies on to a Web site is now fine! I mean, if everyone has all this bandwidth, why not use it?

Personally, I've always been able to use just about all the bandwidth I can get. With my mail application constantly polling my IMAP server while I download the latest version of Firefox, update my forum on IBM developerWorks, and surf, I still find myself waiting on pages to load. And, I still get annoyed by a site that seems slow, despite the amazing connectivity we're all supposed to have. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, then it's time to be proactive: Assume people are just as annoyed when your site is slow, and then strive to fix it. Hopefully, if enough people start to write solid Web code, this waiting around will soon be a thing of the past (at least, as long as you don't land on that Flash newbie's site, complete with a 250 MB opening movie sequence!).

This article offers you a great start to building fast and slick Web sites. I picked a few things that the average site designer or developer usually doesn't use, but will find effective, as well as features that bring more benefits than you realize. Adjusting to these new techniques might take time, but your end result will almost certainly be a happier customer (which often turns into revenue, in one form or another).
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