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Blogging (06 Sep 2005)
Blogging - web-logging - is a growing phenomenon of the 21st century. A form of on-line diary, a new blog is apparently started every second, with a total of 14 million worldwide, and still counting.

The nerdish image of the average blogger is arguably pretty accurate, but a few have come to reach public prominence. For example, the "Baghdad Blogger", Salam Pax, who now writes a column in The Guardian. There's also "Belle de Jour", writing spicily erotic stuff under the guise of a London call-girl.
But something in the blogosphere is changing. The people who want to sell us things are moving in, to what had become known as a particularly frank type of citizen's media, where unknown members of the public could find an audience. Now top executives of companies such as General Motors and Boeing do it. Will readers take them seriously? What benefits does a company get from a blog which it couldn't from its PR machine? And will big business muscling in on the bloggers' world kill it stone dead?
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