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Technobile (15 Sep 2005)
There is no doubt technology is destroying human interaction. But then, faced with the increasingly tedious nature of such interaction, is that a bad thing? The hideous "have a nice day" recorded message from the lips of junk-food sellers has been replaced by an interactive survey of mindless tedium. You buy a pint of milk. The item is zapped, the price appears on screen. Then it begins. "Would you like help packing?" "No thanks."

"Do you have a Nectar card?" "No."

"Are you collecting vouchers for schools?" "No."

"Would you like ...?"

"Just give me the bloody change!"

What is this? A plan by management to drive us all toward the DIY machines so they can downsize yet more staff? Is it a rearguard action by shop assistants intent on forcing human interaction? Or have people become dysfunctional computers?
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