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Christopher Schmitt (08 Aug 2005)
There are a couple of things holding people up from forgetting about HTML tables and single-pixel GIFs (SPGs). One is that CSS is a different way of thinking in terms of Web design. I like to think of it as a whole new set of headaches.

Building with HTML tables and SPGs is a simple model for constructing Web designs compared to CSS. Once you have the basic concepts for traditional Web design methods itís easy to carry over to other, different designs.

Also, the tools easily available for Web developers like ImageReady and Fireworks automatically spit out HTML tables and SPGs. Schools and small firms buy the complete software packages from Adobe or Macromedia. They rely on using these tools to get their jobs done. So, we will continue to have new Web designers and sites built with HTML tables until these applications are changed.

Another issue is that IE for Windows needs help when it comes to CSS. I actually had a nightmare the other day while I was working on my site design that the new version of IE in Longhorn didnít fix the CSS support.

That dream taught me two things: one, I need a vacation. And two, it made me realize how easier our lives would be as Web designers if we didnít have to sweat about Windows IE.
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