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Visio Glue: Not For Sniffing - Special Deliverable #13 (14 Aug 2005)
Spend any time with Visio and you’ll find yourself wondering how glue works. In the real world, it’s pretty straightforward: put glue between two things and they’ll stick. Although glue is used for sticking shapes together in Visio, the metaphor ends there.

In Visio, glue is not an object. Instead, it’s a property of other objects. Whether two things stick together depends on several factors, which we’ll discuss in this article.

You can’t talk about glue without mentioning connectors: lines that stick to shapes to show a relationship between them. Connectors are one of the defining features of Visio, but their behavior is even more unpredictable than glue’s.

What follows is an inventory of Visio glue behavior, connectors, and connection points. After reading this article, the word “glue” (which appears 71 times) will look and sound very strange indeed.
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