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Jason Fried - Basecamp (16 Mar 2005)
Ride with Jason Fried of 37signals as he takes us through the lessons learned while building Basecamp, a hosted project management tool that is extremely popular among its thousands of users. Jason shares his experiences about what works and what doesn't in web development and how the unconventional methodologies followed by 37signals give it an edge. From the advantages of working as a team with members in different continents to getting the word about your product out effectively, Jason covers it all.

The talk focuses on the four main tenets of reducing mass, embracing constraints, getting real in the process of development and managing debt. Jason explains how he learned that less is more when it comes to features and emphasizes the importance of building "half a product, not a half assed product". The success of Basecamp has shown that the lessons 37signals learned in building it are of enormous value.
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