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The cranky user: Oh, the pixel pickle (03 Aug 2005)
I sometimes wonder whether graphics wouldn't be better off if graphics designers and developers had stayed with vector-based graphics. For all that pixels are wonderful (I have nearly two million of them in front of me right now), they sometimes make Web designers do really stupid things.

For example, most designers calculate the size of images in pixels, even though the size of a reasonably clear word (for example) is a function of multiple factors -- distance to monitor, the user's eyesight, display size, and more. Displays alone vary so much that specifying size in pixels leads to graphical images that are too big to be useful or too small to be easily read. In fact, in Web design, I would say that the one thing you can count on is that you cannot calculate the size of your image in pixels. So why do so many designers do it that way?

I think I can explain the drawbacks of over-reliance on pixels and suggest some design techniques for getting around them.
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