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Perceived Personality and Uses of Fonts -- We Need Your Input! (13 Jul 2005)
Often credited with creating a first impression, fonts are classified according to unique typographical features (serif, sans serif, etc) and overall appearance. The combination of appearance and typographical features frequently lead graphic artists and typographers to describe typefaces using personality traits (“less cuddly, more assertive,” Berry, 2004). In a recent BBC audio program (Peacock, 2005), fonts were depicted as feminine and masculine, among other traits. Typographers and designers are often interested in the typeface personality or “typographic allusion” which refers to “the capacity of a typestyle to connote meaning over and above the primary meaning which is linguistically conveyed by words” (Lewis & Walker, 1989, p. 243).

Studies have investigated the perceived personality of fonts for printed text; however, similar studies have not been conducted regarding onscreen text. We are investigating the perceived personalities and uses of a variety of fonts used onscreen.
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