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AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting (13 Jul 2005)
In order to demonstrate how to use the XMLHttpRequest protocol inside a remote scripting application, I've created a simple, one-page example. It assumes that JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest are available in order to make the code more readable, but in any real-world application, you should always check that XMLHttpRequest is available and have a fallback (i.e. normal form submission) where it is not.

The example application will allow the user to send a free ecard to a friend's email address. To do this, the user has first to enter a receipt number, which they received when they purchased goods previously, and which has since been stored in the database of ExampleCo. Then, the user must complete the remaining fields before the ecard is sent, entering the recipient's email address, the message, and the graphic image that will be used for the card.
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