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Making a 'digital UK' a reality (14 Jul 2005)
We argue that as technological connectivity and complexity grows, it is up to policy-makers and politicians to define the legal limits on this, for the benefit of our privacy and security.

It is perilous to embrace technological innovation without reservation, as new technologies offer new risks as well as new opportunities.

Finally, there is the need to recognise the changing nature of communities and civic associations in our society.

The internet has enabled new types of political engagement, many of which may not pull in the same direction as the conventional democratic structures that politicians are used to.

But it will be to the benefit of our democracy if we can find ways of appreciating this fact, and communicating with these new networks.

These objectives are quite simple, which is how it should be. There is a real danger that politicians are either over-awed by technology or afraid of it, because the technologists are speaking a different language from them.
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