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Meet me by the Spreadsheet at Noon (04 Feb 2005)
The working area is an infinite plane filled with complex nooks and crannies where data is nestled. While humans do have a natural sense of space and geography, sometimes we still get lost. We also tend to misplace things. Over time, these two shortcomings will serve to complicate the interface significantly. The interface starts to become like my physical desk which has a couple of loose piles, some bills, some coupons, CDs, pens, knick-knacks, etc. While I do make some effort to keep things from getting mixed up, within a month the desk is invariably messy. I can see my AZA interface starting to decay in the same way. Granted, there are people out there who would be very systematic and neat about using the interface, and would succumb to messy after many more months (if ever), but these sorts of people will be neat no matter what sort of program or desk you give them.
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