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Loosen the shackles (07 Jul 2005)
Li forecasts that blogs will become core components of corporate communications in the next five years. She argues that the unique features of blogs means they are better at establishing connections with customers. The rise in texting and email shows people use technology for more personal communications.

In contrast, most corporate websites are generally regarded as too static, formal and impersonal. In the main, they are bland brochures. Blogs offer companies the chance to present a more human face and start more natural conversations with customers. Search engines like blogs and feeds such as RSS means their content spreads quickly.

For aspiring corporate bloggers, Li recommends starting small with a pilot and a trusted editorial team. In the longer term, strategies can be drawn up for introducing blogs both externally to publicise news, services and products to gather customer feedback and internally to share knowledge on projects. Li envisages a day when you show up for a new job and are told what you can or cannot say in your designated employee blog.
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