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Little Britain (05 Jul 2005)
The series took two years to make and was filmed by the children themselves, with the full support and encouragement of their parents.

In every case parents had the courage to accept that no subjects were "off limits" to their child's camera, and that they were not allowed to watch their child's footage whilst they shot their film.

Trust between the families and the production team was essential and to help build that understanding a pilot programme was made.

An intimate portrait of family life emerged on the videotapes. In almost every case, when the parents did finally watch their children's film, they were not so much surprised by the content of the material, but the tone, manner and often deep insight into the family dynamic their offspring revealed.

"That's spot on. That's me. That's us," one mother declared about her daughter's film.

The children set their own rules. They chose what to talk about and what to film. Some of the younger participants had soft toys attached to the microphone so they had a face to talk to, but other than that concession to their age, their grasp of technology would put an adult to shame.
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