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Intranets: losing the language of enforcement (01 Jul 2005)
The first thing to recognise is that no-one reports to the intranet team. While there may be a desire to enforce standards and changes, the intranet team has little (if any) actual power to achieve this.

Once this is fully realised, the intranet team can start to look for alternative approaches.

The previous article Intranet teams: a leadership and coaching role, presented the case for intranet teams taking on a more proactive role within the organisation.

This briefing looks at a much earlier and simpler step that can be taken by intranet teams, one that focuses on how they communicate and interact with the decentralised authors and site owners.

The first step to building a more constructive relationship with intranet authors is to use appropriate language. Care must be taken to avoid using language and phrases that will generate increased tension and resistance.
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