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Book Review:Institutionalization of Usability A Step-by-Step Guide (21 Jun 2005)
Institutionalization of Usability: A Step-by-Step Guide by Eric Schaffer describes ways to show that a change to user-centered design is needed—which he calls a wake-up call—and explains how to attract an executive champion. He describes how to write a strategy for changing the development process, as well as how to create a development process that incorporates user-centered design. He describes the training that is required, both initially and on an ongoing basis. Many of the chapters contain real-life examples that enhance what he is saying.

However, as someone who is reading Institutionalization of Usability with the intent to actually follow its plan, I have a big problem. Schaffer envisions such a fully institutionalized system of usability that it feels impossible to achieve. He insists that it is necessary to hire consultants to design the usability initiative, and says that a budget of $500,000 is required for a large company. That’s just the start. He estimates that the total cost of institutionalizing usability is $1 million to $3 million per year. Along with the creation of a usability department, he says we also need to train staff in all departments in user-centric design; and ultimately put in place a Chief User Experience Officer, or CXO.
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 Institutionalization of Usability : A Step-by-Step Guide by Eric Schaffer
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