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Thinking Beyond Conversion (17 Jun 2005)
Consider this common example: A site with a complex selling scenarios successfully funnels a majority of its traffic to a call-to-action form, but few prospects who land on that page complete the form and click through. The page rejection rate is staggering. Thinking they have a conversion problem, the company performs a variety of A/B tests on the form page with little success. Nothing they do to "fix" the conversion problem yields significantly improved results. They imagine themselves at a conversion dead-end.

In this situation, the problem usually isn't the form; it's the scenario visitors participate in before they reach the form. Prospects haven't acquired enough information or developed sufficient confidence to feel comfortable completing the action the site is asking them to take. This company's linear sales process is undermining its prospects non-linear buying decision process - the site is failing to persuade before it attempts to convert.
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