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Reflections on Challenges to the Goal of Invisible Computing (19 May 2005)
Technology is not seen as interdependent in relation to the society rather than independent of it. Technology and society form an inseparable pair, but neither is intelligible without reference to each other. This new generation of philosophers[11] reinterprets the relationship between technology and society to explore all of the different ways that our devices and systems mediate our lives. My main thesis about the interface of philosophy of technology and computer science is "Techniques and Technology is always constructing its own norms, traditions and values in the technical and scientific civilisation and building its own worldviews. It is the not the problem with techniques and technology, rather we should develop a new mode of action to deal with technological development. A proper "Umgangswissen"[12] with technological knowledge (Technisches Wissen) is needed. Therefore, in the end we can make a plea for a NEW ETHICS, which can be defined as "Technological Ethics" and to develop a suitable "technikethik"[13] with "Umgangswissen."
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