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Completely Rethinking the Web (18 May 2005)
How many of us on the software side work collaboratively with and influence the development of the hardware our applications work on? Very few of us. That is curious, since all of the software we create is being experienced through the filter of the hardware actually delivering it.

Sure, we take a look at the interfaces people are using and make design decisions about screen resolution and pixel size, but that is just a reactive approach and fails to make meaningful change or maximize the opportunities we have. User experience professionals now influence business in a broad way, receiving additional investments from employers and clients. Many of us are even taking on management consulting, participating in decision making to make businesses better. Yet, we’ve failed to integrate our work and domain appropriately into the hardware and physical product design—a domain much more similar and naturally complementary to our own.

On the other side, physical product designers do take an interest in user experience and interface design. It’s a natural extension of anything digital they are working on. But as individuals on the software side, we are not appropriately learning about and inserting ourselves in the hardware domain. Very few companies are making the connections between the two.
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