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You Should Use Both Sides of Your Brain, Right? (07 May 2005)
I write in the book about going to a food store and shopping for a bottle of wine. I like to drink red wine and I don't like to pay a lot, and I looked at these three bottles. They were nine or 10 bucks each. Two of the bottles had these fancy wine adjectives on the label, whereas the third bottle, called Two Brothers Big Tattoo Red, had on the label the story of how this wine came to be. It was the brainchild of these two brothers, Eric and Alex something, who decided to make this wine as a tribute to their mother, who had died of liver cancer. And some portion of the proceeds go to the hospice in northern Virginia, and the wine is in homage to their mother.Now, if you have a choice of three products, two of which have these fancy wine adjectives I don't even understand, and one of them has this compelling back story, what are you going to go with? Well, I ended up going with the one with the compelling back story.
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