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How Do You Spell RSS? (06 May 2005)
People who donít get feeds, still donít. Even if we pretended there werenít two standards (Atom and RSS) to contend with (which thanks to Feedburner we can, thereís still a gaggle of terms floating around to cause confusion: LiveFeeds, My Yahoo News Feeds, RSS, XML Orange Buttons, etc. Not to mention the confusion that occurs between those expecting an e-mail subscription and an RSS one.

For example, we have a Subscribe button under our comic and a newsletter subscription on the right of our articles. The former is for feed subscription, the latter is self explanatory. We donít like this. Tom and I spend a lot of time discussing why it sucks and what we need to do about it but frankly, we just havenít gotten around to it. Dave Shea eventually got fed up and created his own friendly page. The problem is that was a year and a half ago and itís still one of the better solutions out there.

Sadly, until it becomes standard to have an installed application support feed://, whether itís the browser, e-mail client or a separate application, the ďfriendly xmlĒ page solution is still the most viable.
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